Saint Custodian Angel Parish Church

Parish church of Lloc de Dalt. Construction began in the 17th century and was extended in the 18th century, with the blue-tiled dome typical of the Mediterranean. Its collection of frescoes stands out, the work of Jose de Vergara, who painted the glory around 1760. It is also worth admiring the Virgin of the Angels, a canvas from the mid-17th century.

Of particular note in the square are the fountain, the work of Francisco Tomás y Traver, the remains of the Mostassaf-Almotacén fish market, the underground remains of the main irrigation channel and the Casa Segarra, the former palace of the Duke of Segorbe.

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Video of the exhibition "The tunnels of Angel Square"

Under the Plaza del Ángel, where the Church of Santo Ángel Custodio is located, there is a system of tunnels and underground ditches through which water used to circulate. This water was collected from the San José Fountain (from the underground freshwater river of Coves de Sant Josep) to supply the population. 

Various studies and investigations are currently being carried out to check its condition. There is also a project to make the irrigation channel accessible for visits through these underground tunnels. Although the beginning of this water supply system is known, unfortunately we still do not know where it ends.