Holy Christ of Calvary Hermitage

Façade of the Holy Christ of Calvary Hermitage

The Holy Christ of Calvary Hermitage is located in the Carbonaire neighbourhood, next to the Segorbe Road. The temple was built in the 18th century, a period in which the hermitage was located next to two cemeteries, for which it was used as a parish church. The chapel is currently declared an Asset of Local Relevance.

It is currently raised above the level of the road and access is via a staircase, crossing a landscaped and wooded area that partially conceals it. It should not be confused with the modern parish church of the same name, which is located next to it.

As has already been mentioned, in its beginnings the chapel was the parish church of the two cemeteries that flanked it, which have now disappeared, although it still houses the pantheons of well-known ecclesiastics of the municipality.

It is a simple parish church, where the Mediterranean dome of blue tiles and, especially, the valuable Alcora ceramic tiles that adorn its façade stand out. The wooden door is rectangular, with windows and a ceramic altarpiece next to it representing the Last Supper. In the upper part of the entrance, we find another ceramic altarpiece with a prayer for the souls in Purgatory.

The entire main façade is whitewashed, except for the plinth, reliefs and frames, which are highlighted in yellow.

Above the door, in the stepped pediment, there are three rectangular windows and a new tiled altarpiece with the Descent from the Cross and the inscription: Se hiso el año 1804, á Devocion de los Devotos. Above the pediment, we find the belfry with its bell.

Holy Christ of Calvary Festivities

Las fiestas celebradas en el barrio Carbonaire son en honor al Cristo del Calvario, una de las fiestas más importantes del municipio. Tiene lugar a mediados de octubre, con la procesión del Cristo como acto central por las calles del popular barrio.

The festivities held in the Carbonaire neighbourhood are in honour of the Christ of Calvary, one of the most important festivals in the municipality. It takes place in mid-October, with the procession of the Christ as the main event through the streets of the popular neighbourhood.